Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On The Road...

Yep, that's me heading out on the first day of my Road Trip...My dear hubby was behind the camera to snap this quick shot of me getting into my Cruiser...
The first day of traveling went well...beautiful weather, no traffic, enjoyable lunch with my friend Melissa in the Birmingham Alabama area...Catfish, hush puppies and slaw at 'Ezell's Catfish Cabin'. 

Then on to Jackson MS where after unwinding for a bit I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at 'Bravo' with my friend Gretta. 

Took a few other photos along the way which I will post in the morning before I head out for Lake Charles LA.  I am excited about tomorrow...I will be seeing my dear friend Caryn whom I have not seen in 30+ years as well as traveling through new territory and doing some exploring. Time to hit the sack so I will say 'Goodnight...Sweet dreams'.

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