Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Places Of Interest in Vicksburg MS - Day 5

After visiting the Eagle and Owls we went on to downtown Vicksburg...

We ate lunch at 'Monsour's At The Biscuit Company', a wonderful resturant owned by the Monsour family and located in the old Biscuit Company Building.  At a table overlooking the mighty Mississippi we dined on wonderful salads of crisp greens, tomatoes and cheese topped with fried crawdad tails or small grilled shrimp...Delicious!!  Gretta told me how this resturant had been a favorite since her teen years in Vicksburg and introduced me to the owner. 

Next we took a walk around the old depot which which is currently under renovations...it will soon be home to a new railroad museum and gift shops with office spaces available in the 2nd level.  I will look forward to returning to see that when it is up and running.

Our next stop was in downtown Vicksburg to pick up some camera batteries and bottled water...we stopped at this Fred's store on S Washington Street.  I believe it to be one of the original stores from the 50's...the first Fred's store was opened in Coldwater MS in 1947.

After picking up what we needed from Fred's we headed to our next destination...The Historic Courthouse Museum.  This is one of the places that will defiantly need an entire blog post dedicated to it...the building and grounds are beautiful, the museum inside is amazing.  What an great collection of American memorabilia!

After the courthouse our next stop was the Mississippi River Bridge where we arrived just in time to watch a train come over the rail bridge.  Gretta told me about what it was like when as a child she used to travel across the bridge with her parents.  At that time the car bridge and train bridge ran side by side and she said it was very frightening to have the train right next to the car on some occasions.

From there we headed over to the Vicksburg National Military Park where we took a short drive through the park and stopped to walk through the cemetery.   They have an amazing collection of bronze statuary of which this is only one example.

Our final stop of the day was for dinner at Anchuca a historic mansion and inn built in the 1830's where we enjoyed a lovely dinner.  The owner was also a friend of Gretta's whom she has known for many years.  It was a lovely dining experience.

As we drove home to Gretta's house in Jackson we watched the beautiful almost-full moon rise...it was the perfect ending to a lovely day.

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